DAYLA: GAYLA for a Day

Come for a taste of GAYLA, a magical retreat for GBTQ men who love men on the coast of Southern Maine.

“DAYLA: GAYLA for a Day” is a one-day celebration. Join us for:

Welcoming Reception

Embracing Hope & Light: A Shamanic Ceremony

Gather in the woods around a sacred circle to connect with Spirit, our community and the land. We’ll bond through the elements—Fire, Water, Earth, and Air—as guideposts to how we inspire hope and shine light on our life journeys. Through drumming, ritual, and story, we’ll honor and explore how we nurture ourselves and each other. We’ll craft intentions and release what no longer serves us while invoking energies to help create the lives we desire.


Jay Thomas is a health coach, workshop leader, and eclectic shamanic practitioner. He uses ancient and modern techniques for problem-solving, self-discovery, personal growth, and healing. Jay facilitates workshops and retreats throughout New England, including Easton Mountain, Boston Living Soulfully and Camp Destiny for the Radical Faeries. At Easton Mountain, Jay leads An Introduction to Shamanism retreat each spring and the Annual GBTQ Men’s Shamanic Retreateach fall.


Social Hour/Open 12 Step Meeting

All-You-Can-Eat Outdoor BBQ

Friendship Circle on the Beach



1969 Love-In Dance
1969 was the year of Stonewall. It was a year of revelation, revolution and hope. It was also a year of great dance music.

Scour your local thrift shop for outfits. Think Madmen and Hippies, Rayon and big prints. Psychedelic patterns and bell bottoms. Soupy Sales and Joanne Worley.

Only $30, all inclusive.

Ferry Beach Retreat and Conference Center is about 30 minutes from both Portland and Ogunquit, and 2 hours from Boston. Overnight accommodations and additional meals may be available after July 1.

Register today.


Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center Offices are Located at: 5 Morris Ave, Saco, ME 04072

Event Check-In will be in the Grove, 96 Seaside Ave, Saco, ME 04072


Parking Available:

• Along Morris Ave: Several Parking Lots on Both Sides of the Road (all buildings & parking lots are on Ferry Beach campus)

• 21 Ferry Park Ave (Quillen Building) Parking Lot

• 96 Seaside Ave (Grove) Parking Lot


Event has ended.

Sold out.