Community Dinners at Ferry Beach

"Connecting with our Neighbors" Ferry Beach is grateful to its neighbors and community friends! We invite you to rediscover the importance of community. Let Ferry Beach be a gathering spot for you and your family.

Let’s revive the idea of a building a community right where we live. Let's move forward together with laughter and love.

Join us this May for two Community Dinners!

May 1 - "Connecting with our Neighbors"

May 29 - "Community Gardening"


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Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center Offices are Located at: 5 Morris Ave, Saco, ME 04072

The Community Dinners are held in our Dining Center at 7 Morris Ave, Saco, ME 04072


Parking Available:

• Along Morris Ave: Several Parking Lots on Both Sides of the Road (all buildings & parking lots are on Ferry Beach campus)

• 21 Ferry Park Ave (Quillen Building) Parking Lot

• 96 Seaside Ave (Grove) Parking Lot

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