Non-Profit Lunch at Ferry Beach

Do you ever wonder what other not for profit organizations in your area are doing? Do you wish there was a group in York County that regularly met and talked about issues facing the not for profit community?

Last year, Ferry Beach invited not for profit organizations to meet together at our facility. We had more than 60 people from not for profits, mostly in York County, attend. We would like to invite you to come visit with other not for profit representatives again.

We have two open times for lunch, a quick tour of Ferry Beach and an opportunity to talk with others who may have similar ideas and needs.

Ferry Beach is a not for profit organization and a retreat and conference center on the beach in Saco Maine. Our goal is to partner with other not for profit organizations to build a solid group of support in York County as well as be a resource for not for profits to host meetings, conferences, workshops and events.

We would like to show you around. If you would arrive by 11:30, we will take a quick tour of the campus. We will have lunch at 12 and a short discussion at 12:45 regarding your particular needs in southern Maine. We will gather names, addresses and interests and then send this list back out to everyone who comes.

The $10 charge covers the cost of the meal.

Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center Dining Center
7 Morris Avenue, Saco, ME 04072
Parking Available:
• Along Morris Ave: Several Parking Lots on Both Sides of the Road (all buildings & parking lots are on Ferry Beach property)
• 21 Ferry Park Ave (Quillen Building) Parking Lot
• 96 Seaside Ave (Grove) Parking Lot
Event has ended.
Sold out.